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MK's Wellness Corner

04/11/2017 Da Overblog

PASCALI Palace-County Seat of L'Aquila: get to know a little treasure 100kms away from Rome.

Image source: from the net. City of L'Aquila [County Seat of Abruzzo Region, Central Italy] is 1hr and 25mins drive...

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24/10/2017 Da Overblog

Experiencing Therapeutic Fasting

Dear MK Friends, today I want to share something I am doing for the 1st time: 5 days of Therapeutic Fasting . Since...

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06/05/2017 Da Overblog

Wellness Table. What really makes you feel healthy.

Dearest MK Friends,today I offer you a little pearl to cherish.It is the precious list of TOP HEALTHY MINERALS...

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21/04/2017 Da Overblog


Herbal herbs are an invaluable source of wealth. They have endless healing properties. Unlike common "traditional"...

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14/04/2017 Da Overblog

Ladies and Gents, say "Hallo!" to OKTAGON, the brand new Easter Cake, for you all!

Dearest MK's Friends!Are you ready for Easter 2o17?According to the Italic uses, generally, people have typical...

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30/03/2017 Da Overblog

19th March 2o17: "Happy Daddy's Day!" with MK's Pastry Cream Puffs

Hi Dearest MK's friends spread all over the 4 corners of Flat Earth!Today in my country it is a double Holiday...

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10/01/2017 Da Overblog

MK 2o17's Tasty First Course? Buckwheat Flour Pasta and...chocolat.

Dearest MK's friends, just 10 days after the beginning of this new year, many are still hardly digesting all the...

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06/01/2017 Da Overblog

MK's Ephiphany 2017 Gift for You is: Muffins with Chestnut Flour & Sunflowers Seeds.

Hallo MK's Friends!Have you been good this year?According to the Italic tradition, tonight the old lady on a flying...

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31/12/2016 Da Overblog

My New Year Gift For You: Quiche of Swiss Chard and Walnuts in a lovely rectangular basket of flours.

Happy New Year MK's Friends from all over the Earth! May My Special Wishes bring Joy, Peace, Serenity, Love, Abundance,...

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24/12/2016 Da Overblog

MK's X-Mas Gift 2016 for YOU ALL: Savory Pie. The Light and Healthy Choice to survive the revelry of the feast.

Dearest MK friends, X-Mas Day is about to knock at our doors and what's best to please your dear ones with? Semplicity...

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16/11/2016 Da Overblog


...gathering herbs with your favorite girl, mother, friend as the sun sets behind ruins, older than 2ooo years....

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23/10/2016 Da Overblog

Age is only chronological if best friends are always next to you. MK Approved remedies to RE-LIVE.

Happy Sunday dear MK friends from all over the net! From the series: "travels in the MK wellbeing world" , today,...

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04/10/2016 Da Overblog

Updates from my kitchen.

[image source: an external website] Dearest MK's friends! Just a brief note to report you my newest recipes available...

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27/09/2016 Da Overblog

XVI. What & When to eat certain foods during the year, according to the Blood Group Diet.

Dearest You All, I am so happy each time I begin a new topic with renewed enthusiasm giving you more a term of...

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24/09/2016 Da Overblog

XV. The Food Diary. What it is and why it is fundamental to keep one.

Dear MK Friends all over the planet, with much pleasure I have stated that, as soon as I got back to work and put...

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